Blick in die Produktionshallen der Sachsenmilch

Mozzarella Production

The Pizza Favourite

Unlike hard cheese, our firm mozzarella or spun paste cheese doesn’t spend long in storage for maturation.

Before it is delivered fresh, the curds are broken up and then shredded.

The subsequent cooking and stretching of the dough is what gives the cheese its typical elastic character and its fibrous texture.

Our firm mozzarella is mild in taste and reveals its wonderful qualities particularly when further processed. It’s fantastic for grating and, thanks to its browning properties, it’s perfect for pizzas or ‘au gratin’ dishes – a genuine allrounder!


Consistently High Product Quality

At more than 92 metres long, our coagulator is the longest in the world. It ensures consistently high product quality when manufacturing large volumes of mozzarella.

Zerkleinerung von Käsebruch
Kochen und Ziehen des Mozzarella-Teigs
Mozzarella-Blöcke auf einem Föderband
Eine Maschine schneidet Schnittkäse
Schnittkäse auf einem Föderband
Schnittkäse in Verpackungen

Hard Cheese Production


Curdle, cut, shape, press, pack, mature – these are the classic cheesemaking steps for hard cheese. Once packaged, the finished cheese blocks or loaves are ripened according to the respective maturation regime. This is where our quality commitment comes in: ongoing product and process control as well as the highest standards. With the help of cutting-edge cutting machinery we can offer our cheese products in wide range of forms, sliced or in portion units.


Naturally Ripened

Traditional cheesemaking and state-of-the-art technology meet in our natural maturation facility. The six-metre high shelves offer space for 112 cheese blocks or 140 cheese wheels to mature simultaneously on spruce wood boards.

Depending on variety, they can be kept here for anywhere between 28 days and 16 weeks max. at different maturation temperatures.

The blocks and wheels are turned and trimmed every two days. However, this fully automated natural maturation store is no substitute for the long-standing experience of a cheesemaker: the cheese’s maturation progress is checked daily as part of by-hand checks.

The natural maturation process allows a unique, intense taste and special consistency to develop at its own pace. Once the maturation process is finished, the cheese is delivered as a block or wheel or processed in the in-house cutting area.

Natural Ripening vs. Foil Ripening

Naturally ripened and foil-ripened hard cheeses from Sachsenmilch are top-quality products. This quality is rooted in knowledge and expertise. With that in mind, we combine the best of both worlds in manufacturing our naturally and foil-ripened cheese specialities: the long-standing artisanal experience of our cheesemakers and the impressive performance of the latest air conditioning and production technology. The result? Cheese with quality you can see and taste. Find out about the differences between natural and foil ripening.

Natural Ripening

Naturgereifter Käselaib

Natural Ripening

Natural maturation is all about cheese being left to ripen naturally. Sachsenmilch’s naturally matured luxury products are identifiable by the trademark cheese rind and the intense and aromatic taste.

We give our cheese the time it needs. We use traditional ripening methods – wheel by wheel, block by block on spruce wood boards for as long as it takes. Our three natural ripening storage facilities comprise a capacity of four million kilograms of cheese, which mature anywhere from 28 days to over 12 months, depending on the variety.

Foil Ripening

Käseblock in einer roten Folie

Foil Ripening

Unlike our natural cheese, foil cheese matures in the foil over a short period of several days or weeks. That is why it doesn’t form a typical rind and wows with its mild to lightly aromatic taste.